Introducing Seagram’s Hard Sodas,
a decidedly curious concoction.

Available in four re-quizzically chill flavors like Lemon 'N Lime, Cherry Cola, Orange Cream and Grape. Are they malty sodas? Or fizzy malts? Try one, and decide for yourself. Enjoy responsibly.

Seagram’s Hard Soda Lemon
Seagram’s Hard Soda Cherry Cola
Seagram’s Hard Soda Orange Cream
Seagram’s Hard Soda Grape

Keep your palate guessing

Seagram’s Hard Soda Variety Pack bottles or cans

Bottles (12 pk)-OR- Cans (12pk)

For those who fancy bottles

Seagram’s Hard Soda 6 pack bottles

Lemon ’N Lime-OR- Orange cream

Fill your hands & spirits

Seagram’s Hard Soda 1 Pint 7.5 oz. cans

Lemon ’N Lime-OR-Orange cream

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Contains alcohol. | Please enjoy our flavored malt beverages responsibly.